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High School Program

The Dragons are from Lake Orion, Michigan. The JV and Varsity teams compete in the OAA Red League. One of the best public school leagues in the Great State of Michigan. The Varsity team won Five Years in a row as OAA League Championships in 2016, 2017,2018, 2019, & 2021. Going Undefeated in league play in four seasons.

In 2019 the Varsity won the Region 7 regional title and made it to the final four in the state playoff tournament.

In 2021 the Varsity won the Region 5 regional title and made it to the final four in the state playoff tournament.

As young of a program as Lake Orion is, there is a very bright future here in DRAGON COUNTRY.

2022 High School Summer Registration Open

Click on the registration link below to register your player for the 2022 High School Summer season. Invite Only.

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