Lake Orion Lacrosse
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Looking for Youth Lacrosse Options?

Home Game Admission

  • You can use the GoFan site or app to purchase tickets

Game & Bus Schedule

  • TeamLinkt Site
  • OAA (choose ‘view schedules’ then choose “Lacrosse Boys Varsity”) – This also has the Bus Schedule as well

Payment Methods (Note these are not to be used for your Varsity athletic fees that are collected in FinalForms by the High School)

  • Venmo Account
  • PayPal is also available at
  • Some Seasonal Registration Fees can also be paid during the Registration Process; processing fees may apply
  • By Check: Made out to Friends of Lake Orion Lacrosse (FOLOL) 3079 S Baldwin Rd #180. Lake Orion, MI 48359
  • For Other payment options, contact Friends of Lake Orion Lacrosse at

Attendance: Going to Miss a Practice or Game?

  • Players should communicate directly with their coach on their availability in the player through GroupMe, email, or text. Parents should avoid posting their player's availability in the parent chat rooms

Player Arrival Times:

  • 15min before Practice time
  • 1 Hour before Game time
  • 15min before Bus Departure time

Equipment Storage & Away Games

  • Players who do not have a car are allowed to take their lacrosse bag to school on the morning bus. If needed, Players can store their lacrosse bag in the room by the lower Pool lobby during the day. See Athletic Department or Coaching Staff if you are unfamiliar with where to store your bag

Team Communication

  • Most team communications occur on GroupMe other than a periodic newsletter or an official communication from the LOHS LAX program or Parent Coordinators.
  • Please ensure you are not muted if you want to receive up to date announcements from Coaches, Coordinators, and other Parents.
  • If you or another parent needs an account, send a PM to your parent coordinator and they will assist.
  • PLAYERS & Coaches have their own GroupMe Channel
  • Parent & Player GroupMe Members are updated once the rosters are finalized
  • Parent GroupMe seems to work best if its largely one-way communications form the parent coordinator or coaches. If you have a question, PM the Parent coordinator and if the information benefits the entire group, they will share it

Be Ready for Spring

Booster Fees & Other Miscellaneous Costs

  • Booster fees are determined each season and is based on the success of the fundraising event(s)
  • Depending on the outcome of the season, the Athletic Department is responsible for providing a Varsity letter; however, any additional regional Patches/Badges costs will be collected from parents

Equipment & Uniforms

  • Game Day Uniforms: Spring Game Day uniforms are property of LOHS Athletic Department and players are financially responsible for the return of uniforms. 
  • Pinnies - Players will purchase an "Invictus" Pinnie (and/or Shooter Shirt) at the start of the Spring Season that is theirs to keep. This will be used as a practice jersey in the Spring season but it is the primary jersey for all other seasons: Fall, Summer, & Winter. 
  • Players are responsible for supplying and maintaining all required lacrosse specific equipment including: (See USA Lacrosse Equipment Guide for more information and Goalie Specific Equipment)
Helmet Some Players may be issued a a Helmet provided by Lake Orion High School or Friends of Lake Orion Lacrosse (FOLOL). These Helmets are the property of those respective organizations and are only used for the Spring Season. Players are financially responsible for the return of the issued Helmet.  All Players will need their own helmet regardless if one is issued. Personal Helmets are used for JV Level and for all other seasons for both JV and Varsity: Fall, Summer, and Winter.
Stick Note: A Back-Up stick is highly recommended especially at the Varsity Level  
Shoulder Pad  Must Meet NOCSAE and ND200 Standard
Rib Pads Optional for Field Lacrosse. Used for Varsity Box Lacrossee in Winter Season.
Arm Pads  
Athletic Supporter / Protective Cup  
Mouthguard Must NOT be colored white or clear